Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide: Easy Home Defense Techniques to Keep Your Family Safe

A practical, everyday guide to securing your house and family through easy home defense techniques for dads. The world is a beautiful place, but sometimes it can be scary. Danger isn’t only in foreign countries or on the other side of town. Danger creeps into your neighborhood. How are you going to keep the danger out and your family safe? What is The Secure Dad? Andy created The Secure Dad to help families make better decisions about their personal safety. Since 2016, he has provided information on home defense and family security, to help families become safer and enjoy life. The Secure Dad has garnered praise from security industry leaders, law enforcement and dads all over the country What does this book cover? Home Security: The Secure Dad’s Guide will walk you through how to change your thinking to recognize signs of danger, how your home may be vulnerable to attack and what you need to do to sleep better a night. Learn how a routine can make you safer, how your social media can make you a target of a crime and how to make your home more secure. The Secure Dad empowers fathers to lead safer families to enjoy life. Keep danger off your doorstep and your family safe at home.

Community Review  

  • As a single woman in my 20s, a homeowner, and a dog mom, I found The Secure Dad’s Guide to be informative, helpful, and relatable. No matter how many people reside in a home, the head of the household should be responsible for doing everything that he/she can to protect themselves and their home, and I personally felt that this book gave me the tools that I needed to do just that. I even discovered in reading it that I already have implemented several of the steps towards securing my home without even realizing it!
    I’m taking away a list of immediate improvements to further secure my home, as well as plans for the future to ensure that my dog and I remain safe (dogs often feel like children, after all!). I felt that this book did a fantastic job of expressing the seriousness of home/family safety while also bringing a sense of comfort to the reader using personal examples and anecdotes. The author stresses that home safety is not just an easily achievable goal, but a mindset to carry with you through life, and I think that more than anything is the start to feeling and becoming more safe in the world today.
    Whether you are a student living in an apartment, a single homeowner, or part of a larger family with children, I recommend that you read this book to learn more about how you can keep yourself and those you love safe. You might even learn, like I did, that you’re already on the right track!
  • This is a great reminder of all the things you should do to keep yourself safe. While I was reading, I patted myself on the back a little bit because I was doing some of the things the author recommended. However, I rediscovered some things that I had gotten lazy about. I was on vacation recently and posted pictures to Facebook in real time. I know that this is an advertisement to thieves but I did it anyway! I had gotten lazy.
    I was considering using pepper spray as a defense tool in my home. The author provided some really good advice about why not to do that.
    I really like the action tips throughout that tell you to put down the book and check out something in your home.
    When it’s time to change the batteries in your fire alarm, it’s time to re-read this book!
  • Extremely well-organized and clearly written book about an overall strategy and mindset to protect your family from harm.
    As someone who has lived most of his life in places where safety was never really an issue, this book was an important eye-opener from me.
    As the author states, when looking at potential safety issues, it’s important to look at your family’s home through the eyes of someone who might want to break into that home.
    What I took away from it was that it’s not necessary to be paranoid about your safety, but it’s necessary to be prepared — in a layered strategy and mindset — just in case something were to happen.
    The author articulates very clearly how to make that preparation happen for your family’s home.
    If you haven’t thought of safety issues in a while, or if you would like a concise and professional run-down of how to make your home more secure, this is definitely the book for you!
    The book was enjoyable to read because it was well-written, and it was informative in that it concisely spelled out how to better protect your family and your home.
  • Great, easy to apply tips on securing your home and your loved ones. And that is what I really liked about the book – most of the tips are inexpensive and easy enough to follow, or even install on your own without resorting to hiring a handyman.
    Good advice for the homeowner or apartment dweller.
    Highly recommended!

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