Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing

RELEVANCE RAISES RESPONSE and that is precisely why mobile marketing is the greatest advertising and marketing medium of all-time. Mobile offers the ability to laser target your audience by providing the best offer, at the best time, when the targeted customer is most likely to buy.In Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing, author Bob Bentz takes you through all of the major elements that contribute to mobile marketing success in nine easy to read chapters that will help your business sell more with mobile.

1. Introduction to Mobile
2.Advantages of Mobile
3.Mobile-Optimized Websites
4.Text Message Marketing
5.Social Media
6.Mobile Advertising
7.Mobile Apps
8.Mobile Commerce
9.The Future of Mobile


This is not a book that will philosophize about mobile and give you theories on why it is so effective. Instead, it is book written by a businessperson who works in the trenches of mobile marketing every day with hundreds of customers, in many different vertical markets. What you’ll get when reading this book is actionable insight on what you can do to help your business sell more with mobile.

Community Review  

  • In the world of mobile marketing, this is a must read! I’m sure there a lot of my fellow marketers with similar marketing issues as me.
    I struggled with understanding the best practices in mobile marketing and mobile website designs; but after I read this book, I could clearly saw how to apply effective strategies for mobile website, app, SEO, and advertising. This also helped me decide which are the best marketing investments.
    If you are wondering how to: improve search engine optimization on your mobile website, perform mobile website auditing, optimize keyword searches, develop effective app marketing strategies, create mobile advertising (SMS Texting, Social Media, geotargeting, and much more), and develop killer marketing strategies with clearly laid out KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), then this is the book for you!! One of the best mobile marketing books I’ve read. –Erica
  • Relevance Raises Response has something of value for every marketer from beginner to advanced level. Always ahead of the curve, Bob Bentz has decades of experience in marketing, IVR, 800 and 900 numbers, ring tones, and now social and mobile marketing and he covers all areas in depth. He is truly a thought leader in this industry. Unlike other books in this space whose information and statistics can become outdated before the book is ever published, he refers readers to a slideshare account […] where the information is constantly updated.
    If your business is adding mobile marketing to its marketing plan, this book is a MUST read. If your business hasn’t started using mobile marketing yet, this book will tell you how and why you should start right now.
  • I found myself nodding in agreement with everything Bob talks about in this book. He covers every aspect of mobile marketing in an easy to read, easy to follow format. It is clear he is an expert in the topic and his passion for mobile marketing is shown throughout each chapter. Great read for learning how to better marketing yourself or your business.

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