Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening: The Total Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Other Edible Plants the Natural Way

This book shows you how to have healthy soil and recommends environmentally safe products and even some homemade remedies to control pests and diseases in your garden. It describes more than 100 food plants and gives specific information on the growth habits, culture, harvest, and storage of each.

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  • Although my gardening has been going on for some time and although I’ve already been using some of the author’s tips I got off the internet with great results on numerous gardening sites, it was time to get more information to help keep things going well and help solve any problems that crop up. (yes, I used the word “crop” intentionally. Sorry.)

    I had been comparing other organic veggie garden books before I made my decision to finally order this one from Amazon but I never came across another one, locally or on the ‘net, that was as highly recommended or had the amount of information I needed compiled into one place so succinctly as this did…and I shopped for awhile before I ordered this one. This is as enjoyable to read as it is informative.

    I’ve become rather fanatic lately about our backyard. I’ve joined the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower center as a member, attended classes, read voraciously on the subject, and this author is always noted as the guru wherever I seem to go. The tips and instructions I am using have all resulted in great success both in my vegetable garden and my entire backyard which is chemical-free and growing like crazy in beautiful bloom with low-maintenance from me thanks to good organic gardening to start with.

    The book ensures you do EVERYTHING right from the get-go, or are able to correct it now if you didn’t. It has everything you’d plant in your bed or container that I can think of (at least everyhthing in my own each season and ensures you do it right every season, from veggies, to fruits, to herbs, to edible plants. It’s written clearly and will help even a novice understand every step in beginning or correcting your garden naturally and beating any pests easily the natural way.

    You can look up whatever veggie you have and instantly see a photograph of how it will look grown in the garden, tell you how far to space it, how deep to plant, what problems you might see (pests or growing probs) with it and how to correct them, and it gives you this info for both planting seeds or the plant so you know going in what to expect and do correctly either way.

    The book is full of photos and info on the growth habits of all things veg.

    Years ago I ate from a fertilized and chemically treated garden. There is no comparison in how much better organic tastes even if you don’t consider the health benefits, if you ask me. (and I do consider those too, personally)

    In a nutshell, I consider this my organic veggie garden bible. I have notebooks full of information but I keep turning to this…it’s all here.

    and yes, I really do read it by the garden. That was part of my goal for my landscaping and garden seating…it makes me relax and read every night now after work if I am not working in the garden, which is equally relaxing to me. It’s my daily “staycation” and it is good advice like this that ensures looking at it doesn’t stress me out in the least. It really doesn’t…everything is growing and blooming so well and I swear to you I was a total novice who killed everything before I began this journey! My thumb was nowhere close to green!

    p.s. It is a huge bonus to me that this focuses on Texas vegetable gardening. Our seasons, soil, and sun are quite different than many other places so its focus is doubly helpful

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