The Elements of Organic Gardening

From the Prince of Wales, an intimate guide to his Royal gardens and pioneering organic approach to creating world-class beauty.

For twenty-six years, the Prince of Wales has passionately honed the organic practices used at Highgrove, Their Royal Highnesses’ family home in Gloucestershire, as well as in his other gardens at Birkhall in the Scottish Highlands and Clarence House in central London. Now, alongside Andrew Lawson’s elegant photographs and with Country Living gardening editor Stephanie Donaldson, the Prince’s vivid elucidation of his techniques for maintaining healthy soil, planting varieties, and sustaining an ecosystem “in harmony with the natural laws and rhythms of the universe of which we are an integral part” offers a wealth of wisdom to delight and inspire any gardener. His practices, based on a deep respect for nature, can be adapted to almost any garden, large or small. The Prince is hands-on in his gardens, and it is this passion that reveals itself intimately to be at the heart of The Elements of Organic Gardening. 200 full-color photographs.

Community Review

  • If one is interested in protecting their surroundings, nature and humanity I would recommend reading this book. It is also about the circle of life. Next read Harmony.
  • This is an awesome book, more than what I expected! I can not believe all of the information in this book, I have been looking every where for this information and came across this book and to my surprise all of the information that I was seeking is located in this one book! I am so happy, the zones, and regions are included along with the gardening charts and what and when to plant and so much more! This book is worth the price, I found a good used copy and I am very happy with the results of my purchase… I have other gardening books and have never seen one so well put together and with so much information…. I will purchase from this author again!

    Well off to preparing for my spring gardening!

    ******UPDATE 8/27/2011*****************
    Well how did my garden turn out? Great thanks to all of the information in this book! I used this book as a reference and guide as we planted our garden and as we watched every thing grow..

    Today we have several watermelons and even one that has grown on our trellis. We have zucchini Squash, which this plant has grown so wide and tall, the leaf’s are so big and beautiful and so are the flowers that it has bloomed and continues to bloom. We have many other veggies in our back yard garden and we are very proud..

    Thanks again to this book for all the information that we needed to get to this point. We are very proud and happy about our beautiful very green producing garden.. We plan to eat as much as we can and give the rest to family and friends.

    We believe that this book was and is the resource you will need to have good returns on your garden and to continue to educate yourself on the journey of gardening.

    Well back to our harvest, as we must continue to harvest and eat!

  • Lots of great information in this book! I use it as a reference book and keep it handy at all times. Need to know what the specific germination temp for a certain vegetable is? Want to know exactly what different soil amendments actually do? Need suggestions for veggies that will withstand Texas weather… and the drastic changes it makes every ten minutes? Need planting time suggestions for one of the many Texas micro-climates? This book has it. Even if you’re not all that interested in organic gardening, but like to use readily available, natural resources instead of running out and buying expensive chemicals and fertilizers, this is a great book to have around.

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